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Forrester makes it clear…

This is from Forrester:

Fewer than 10% of HR leaders say employee needs are their number one priority when setting employee experience (EX) strategy.

Spells trouble, right?

More and more we’re realizing how organizations that fail to properly integrate employee needs into their value chain risk alienating not only employees, but also customers and investors.

But things are changing.

The good news is that 78% of HR leaders believe that EX will be one of the most important factors impacting firms’ ability to deliver on business objectives within two years.

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The connection between good EX and long-term business value is loud and clear.

Forrester says that companies that become EX leaders will see major benefits for their employees, their customers, and their bottom lines – understandably so.

For organizations that are looking to close the experience gap, SAP SuccessFactors can definitely help. SAP SuccessFactors empowers workers to succeed by taking the best of traditional human capital management and human experience management (HXM) to deliver powerful, engaging, individualized experiences. 

In a world where HR teams routinely struggle with organizational complexities, SAP SuccessFactors could be the much-needed shortcut to seamlessly delivering these experiences.

If you wish to explore the hidden connection between delivering outstanding EX and improved profitability, write to me.

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By: Venkat Nanduri

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