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Is a Little Failure Okay?

A question to all the CIOs out there: 

Will your team pass or fail the digital transformation exam?

Because, that’s what’s happening all around us right now. Companies everywhere are at the last leg of the race – the acid test of digital transformation.

And a LOT of them are failing.

Download PDF: Is a Little Failure Okay?

As a CIO, no matter how prepared YOU are to ace the test of digital transformation, if your peers, teams and stakeholders are not onboard, your company is bound to fail. 

Now, let’s say you pass the test. The rewards are incredible! 

Companies that have aced digital transformation clearly earn higher profits and revenues than their peers. 

All the more reason why you need to involve your entire organization in your digital transformation plans. 

But how do you enable your business people to think like CIOs do, and prepare for success?  

At Phoenix, we’ve helped hundreds of companies embark on successful digital transformation projects. We have a lot of tips and hacks that can help you get outstanding results on yours. 

You can write to me with your questions. 

By: Venkat Nanduri

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