Madhu Kolla




As the Phoenix Director of Technical Services, Madhu Kolla is responsible for overseeing that the technological infrastructure of our internal and external systems and solutions enable our company to achieve not only our own business goals and objectives but also those of our customers. An advocate for the measured application of technology that drives business process improvements, he makes sure that the SAP solutions our clients count on work and perform as we told them they would, thus he is invaluable when it comes to our ability to set realistic customer expectations.

Personal Information:

An experienced Senior Architecture and Solution Planner, Madhu brings his 20+ years of SAP experience and proven technical know-how to all areas of SAP technologies, including SAP functional business processes, ABAP, Basis, BI, Portals, and integration with legacy systems. With extensive experience in the design and development of SAP ERP systems and broad knowledge of the latest SAP systems, solutions and technologies for all modules. Madhu is a respected specialist and known industry expert, a standing which is reflected in his work as a Technical Architect for many our largest customer projects.His experience in SAP functional and technical business processes, systems architecture, and requirements gathering will help clients design a robust system that effectively addresses requirements and conforms to Public Sector Best Practices.  

Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change.