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Phoenix Business Consulting offers comprehensive SAP functional and SAP technical support services for counties. We are highly specialized in performing SAP ERP implementations, upgrades and migrations throughout the United States and Canada.
As an SAP Gold Partner, our SAP services for counties include SAP implementations, upgrades/migrations, application management support (AMS), project support, staffing, functional consulting, and technical consulting.
Many counties choose us for their SAP system support because of our proven track record of providing SAP Public Sector solutions, SAP project successes, and in-depth SAP Public Sector expertise.

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Counties are facing many challenges. In addition to providing essential county services for residents, they are also coping with decreasing budgets, legal reform, compliance issues, unfunded state mandates, health and safety issues, infrastructure investment, human resource management, and operating and securing free and fair elections.

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SAP provides counties with SAP software and ERP solutions for all phases of their operational and functional needs. The following outlines some of the SAP solutions available for county governments:
SAP Finance
SAP Business Analytics
SAP framgångsfaktorer
SAP Database and Data Management
SAP Application Development and Integration
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SAP solutions provide counties with many features and benefits that enable counties to automate business processes, make data-driven decisions, and empower county employees. SAP utilizes proven technology frameworks that deliver unprecedented speed, capacity and reliability to better support county government operations.
SAP software and solutions provides counties with a comprehensive Public Sector ERP solution specifically designed to meet the needs of county governments and delivering simplified human resource processes, automated financial processes, business analytics, in-memory database capability, and IoT applications.
SAP as a company is committed to helping county governments serve their residents, protect their communities, and advance economic prosperity.

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